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Why Choose a Non-Medical Senior Care Franchise Over a Home Healthcare Franchise?

The Baby Boomer generation is getting older, which means a fast-growing group is hitting retirement age—and all the challenges that come with it. Home healthcare businesses have been a popular franchise pursuit for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on a group of seniors who need assistance. It also includes seniors who may require some healthcare assistance but do not require movement to an assisted living facility. This oversized demand has created a flood of home healthcare franchises, now offering an array of services such as in-home nursing, therapy, and personal care. But while home health care has its place, non-medical senior care franchises are quickly becoming a new niche in the senior care industry, proving to have a variety of benefits over home healthcare franchises.   

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Since seniors and their families have needs that extend far beyond healthcare, it is beneficial and often advantageous for aspiring business owners to pursue a non-medical franchise over a home care franchise. Non-medical senior care seeks to assist seniors facing the overwhelming prospect of needing to downsize, relocate, or age in place, without the complexities of monitoring health problems. 

Looking ahead, entrepreneurs have specifically identified a market based on the unique needs of seniors aging in place. The demand is high for companies that offer services for adults deciding to age in place, as the National Council on Aging estimated that 90% of seniors say they plan to remain in their homes for the next 5-10 years. It is also a financial burden to consider moving outside the home since many aging adults are not able to afford a retirement home or assisted living situation. When this occurs and aging in place is someone’s only option, finding ways to complete challenging maintenance tasks like mowing the grass becomes unimaginable. This provides the opportunity for a business like TruBlue to step in and meet their needs. 

What is TruBlue?

If you’re passionate about working with older adults or busy families, there are many benefits in choosing a non-medical franchise like TruBlue Home Service Ally. For one, running a home healthcare business is comparable to running a staffing agency requiring ongoing hiring and job placement. With a non-medical franchise such as TruBlue, staffing is minimal and it is easier to find more qualified employees. TruBlue employees do not have to have medical training, and the franchise insurance needs are lower than a healthcare-focused franchise. In addition, the franchise operator is not required to have medical credentials to run the business. 

TruBlue also provides an increased level of freedom, since this business is not a 24/7 commitment like healthcare. Services and offerings can be tailored around the operator’s schedule, providing more flexibility. Franchisees receive the benefit of managing the day-to-day aspects of the job to meet both their customers’ needs. 

Get Started With TruBlue

Why TruBlue? 

TruBlue Home Service Ally is a fantastic, low-cost, home-based business with year-round opportunities from three strong profit centers: Handyman Services, Senior Services, and Subscription Services. Owners are able to capitalize on multiple revenue streams under the roof of one business. It competes with almost no other home maintenance businesses nationally, making TruBlue the missing piece to aging in place. With such high demand and wide open markets, it makes this industry a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a non-medical senior care business. 

Franchise owners join a brand with strong recognition and years of experience, but they also enjoy the benefits of a growing network with other TruBlue owners. TruBlue is a proven system for success, with low costs and high margins, even providing the opportunity to receive your franchise fee back through the Winner’s Circle program. Through this unique program, achieving certain milestones in your franchise ownership journey awards you with a refund for your entire investment.

If you desire to own a business that makes a difference in the lives of aging seniors and busy families, TruBlue could be a perfect fit for you. To learn more about franchising with TruBlue, click below to learn more.

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