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What Makes TruBlue a Great Franchise Opportunity?

When someone is heading down the path of franchise ownership, the options to choose from can be overwhelming. It’s worth asking what makes a franchise stand out - and if it fits your future goals. What makes TruBlue unique is that it stands apart from the crowd by having almost no national competition while still providing a high-demand service. Here are just four reasons why TruBlue is such a great franchise opportunity:

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1. Low-Cost and Low-Investment

Looking at franchising means you are willing to financially invest in a business, and that’s a big commitment. But this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything to own a franchise, which is why Franchise Help and others recognize TruBlue as a premier franchise opportunity for under $50K. It’s a low investment with a high return on that investment.

TruBlue also prides itself on being low-cost once the franchise is up and running. Since it’s a business that is home-based without the requirement for a retail location, costs remain relatively low throughout the operation of the business.

2. Simple Path to Scalability

Being a TruBlue franchisee taps into three revenue streams: 1) Handyman Services 2) Senior Services 3) Subscription Services. Some of these services include making the home safer to age in place for seniors, while others are as simple as recurring cleaning services for families. No matter what, they provide a steady stream of income for franchise owners and a path to scalability. As a TruBlue owner grows their business, they are able to tap into the growing demand in their community and offer subscription services to those that need it.   


3. Non-Medical and Non-Care Senior Services

Lots of people are excited about helping seniors, but not everyone is excited about being a medical assistant to their health issues. That’s why TruBlue is so unique by being non-medical and non-care:

If you really like the senior industry space but are concerned about dealing with regulations and the complexity of senior care, then TruBlue is a great way to participate in a growing industry that’s exploding. That’s what makes it a great opportunity.”
- Sean Fitzgerald, President of TruBlue

4. It’s a Business with a Purpose

TruBlue franchisees enhance the lives of busy families and seniors that want to age in place, and that is one of their greatest rewards. Owning a business isn’t just about profitability, it’s about making a positive impact in your community. Seeing that impact is a special part of the TruBlue network, which is why it’s not just any franchise: it’s a business with a purpose.

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