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Unlocking the Key Information: Frequently Asked Questions about Franchisee Opportunities


Answers to common questions about the premier total house care franchise opportunity! If you have a question not answered below, please reach out to our team, and we will be happy to provide you with the necessary information.

Why is TruBlue such a unique & huge opportunity?

With one franchise, you have the opportunity to serve two of the fastest-growing markets in the country— seniors and busy adults who need home services! The senior population is growing exponentially. More than 90% of these seniors are choosing to age-in-place, which can only begin in a safe and accessible home. While thousands of companies care for seniors and focus on the individual, no one is caring for their home. TruBlue provides a helping hand inside and outside the home to ensure it’s safe, maintained, and offers worry-free living to seniors and their busy families. Many of these same services are perfect for busy adults who work long hours, travel or are focused on raising a family. Busy adults who don’t have the time or energy also need help maintaining their homes. Two distinct markets with huge potential.

What makes TruBlue a unique industry opportunity?

With ONE franchise, you get to serve TWO of the hottest industry sectors...Senior non-care industry & Home Services... in TWO of the fastest-markets...Seniors and Busy Families.

TruBlue Home Service Ally is perfectly positioned for the next golden opportunity in the exploding Senior Care Market. More than 10,000 people will turn 65 years of age EVERY DAY for the next 20 years…and nearly 90% of them want to “age in place” … to safely and comfortably stay in their homes for as long as possible and avoid going into assisted living facilities. And after the Covid-19 pandemic and all the health and safety challenges with senior-care facilities, these “age in place” trends will only intensify. Fortunately, TruBlue was founded, designed, and structured to specifically and successfully make that happen.

The other booming market we serve is Busy Families. We help them regain their sanity, free time, and weekends to do what they love with those they love. To handle all the household chores, we provide affordable, convenient, seasonal & monthly service packages (maintenance, to-do list chores, repairs, yard work, and special projects).

How is TruBlue different from other senior services franchises? TruBlue is a non-medical & non-care care business model. We take care of the home. Unlike senior-care franchises, TruBlue has minimal competition, a wide-open lane to grow rapidly for decades to come, minimal government regulation, and lots of prime territories still available throughout the U.S.

Our franchise owners also have tremendous credibility and a competitive advantage as they earn Senior Home Safety Certifications. Our franchise owners can provide professional Senior Home Safety Assessments and then provide the necessary home improvements, repairs and modifications to ensure safety, accessibility, and peace of mind to seniors and their loved ones.

Other senior-care franchise sectors like in-home personal care of the elderly are saturated with competition…highly regulated…have risks of personal injury/harm to clients… and with limited, if any, available territories. There are more than 12,000 Medicare homecare agencies and more than 6,000 senior care franchise locations taking care of the elderly person, but NO ONE is taking care of their homes. That’s until TruBlue was created.

And by the way, those thousands and thousands of senior care agencies are potential referral sources to generate business for our TruBlue owners…great alliance partners with the mutual interest to keep clients safely living in their homes longer.
Who are TruBlue’s core customers?

TruBlue is targeting two unique markets: Seniors and Busy Adults, looking for professionals they can trust and provide peace of mind when it relates to home repairs and maintenance. 

The senior market is vulnerable and seeking a trustworthy, professional relationship that provides quality services for their home – services they can’t, shouldn’t and don’t want to perform anymore.

Busy adults need a trustworthy, professional relationship to provide services they don’t have the time, skill or desire to perform.

Both markets give TruBlue franchisees the opportunity to bring trustworthy, quality and dependable services to the very people who need them while having little overhead and the potential for high-profit margins.

What services does TruBlue provide?

 TruBlue customers with a wide range of services, inside and outside the home.


Projects need to get done from aging families to busy adults, and they provide a great source of revenue. There are so many directions you can take your franchise. Whether it be a minor home remodeling project or partnering with a realtor to get new listings ready for market, the possibilities are endless with the right personnel.


Become a Home Service Ally by assessing home safety, providing senior home modifications, and becoming a trusted helping hand for those to-do lists chores, which reduces risks from falls and other serious concerns associated with aging-in-place.


Finding the time, energy, and resources to complete the tasks that need to be done regularly is hard. Our services help to achieve the ultimate goal by checking off lists of to-do’s, chores, maintenance tasks, and seasonal projects that MUST get done. 

Who will be my referral sources? Your number one referral source will be your recurring and highly satisfied customers…seniors and busy families. They will gladly tell their family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and social connections…both in person and on social media. And keep in mind every homeowner or condo owner you meet and talk to every day is a potential client or referral source. Your customers are everywhere! Also, Realtors have a vested interest in referring their clients to TruBlue, a convenient, reliable, one-stop shop to help their clients get their homes in tip-top shape quickly so the property sells fast and for a premium price. Also, Senior Care Agencies, who take care “of the person”, have a vested interest in referring their clients to you so you can take care “of their property” and allow their clients to “age in place” in a safe and well-maintained home for many additional years.
How much does a TruBlue franchise cost?

TruBlue is a low-cost investment opportunity with potential for high returns, with the total investment estimate to begin operations ranging from $70,050 – $96,400. TruBlue is a home-based business with low overhead and no buildout costs or brick and mortar expenses, making TruBlue far more affordable than other franchise concepts in the senior services or home services industries. The franchise fee for your first territory is $44,900…and if necessary, we have third-party financing partners that can help you evaluate financing options.

Investment Costs

How can I earn back my franchise fee with The Winner’s Circle Program? The Winner’s Circle is a unique program in all of franchising. We fully stand behind our successful TruBlue business model and our proven marketing, operating, training, and support systems. We are so confident in what we do that we directly tie your success to our success in a major way…a true partnership. This innovative win-win program is designed to reimburse serious, hard-working, and fully committed franchisees for the entire cost of the initial franchise fee if specific performance criteria are met over the period of time. This is a realistic way to earn back your entire franchise fee if you are willing to work hard and follow our proven systems. This unique program helps us attract and reward hard-charging, confident, and hard-working owners that successfully grow their businesses and revenues,  making it a true win-win arrangement.
What are the financial requirements for franchising with TruBlue?

To franchise with TruBlue, you will need to have the required minimum liquid capital of $50,000 to open your own new business. There are many 3rd party financing options so speak with one of our representatives to learn more.

Financing Options

Is there a continuing royalty fee? Yes. The continuing royalty fee is 6% of gross revenues. As part of the discovery process, we will provide you with our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document), which will list all the costs and fees to start and operate a franchise.
Why buy a franchise versus starting my own company?

There are many advantages to owning a franchise. The most obvious is being associated with an established and trusted brand. You’re also purchasing a proven system that guides you through the entire process of starting your business, coaches you as your business grows and works with you to maximize its true potential. From operations to accounting to marketing and human resources, the foundation has already been set. Add in training, coaching, support, and experience and a franchise is easier to grow and ready to go! Without a franchise, a new business owner must create everything on their own, through trial and error, losing valuable time that could be spent growing the business.

Will you help me secure financing? We do not offer direct financing. However, we work closely with third-party financial institutions that have proven reliable and effective and may be able to help you with financing…depending on your situation. We will make the financing introductions early in the process once there appears to be a good mutual fit…that you are comfortable with us and the opportunity…and we feel you are a good fit to lead this TruBlue business in your community.
What experience do I need? You do NOT need direct experience in the senior care or home services industries! We are NOT looking for handymen or technicians. Instead, we are looking for people who have a burning desire to become a business owner and builder of teams, not a technical doer. People who want to seize freedom, flexibility, financial success, serving others, making a real difference, and being in charge of their own path and destiny. Bring the right heart, passion and drive, and we will train and coach you every step of the way. We recommend that you simply have solid business or management experience and abilities in either project management/operations or sales/marketing…and eventually hire someone with complementary talents. You will hire your technical staff, handymen, generalists, supervisors in time, etc. Plenty of good technicians are out there looking for a professional brand, effective operating and marketing systems to keep them busy year-round, and a good leader with a good heart…YOU. You should be confident in your ability to manage people, possess an entrepreneurial spirit, a strong commitment to customer service excellence, and a drive to follow our proven systems as you bring the TruBlue business model to your community.
Will I need to be certified? Yes, all of our franchisees and their technicians are required to be certified, licensed, and insured. Requirements may differ according to your state regulations. We will help you understand and give you a plan to achieve these qualifications shortly after your initial training session. We will also help you get certified in Senior Home Safety Assessments and, eventually, secure a CAPS certification (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) to build credibility with medical referral sources. 
I’ve never owned a business before. Do you offer training and support? TruBlue is led by a passionate leadership team who works tirelessly to ensure that your business will be a success from the moment you sign the franchise agreement. From the outset, we give you an exceptional training platform that includes getting certified, licensed and insured, hiring the right employees, how to market effectively, gaining customers, building a base of referral sources, and a checklist to keep you on track and following our 90-day launch program. TruBlue will be with you every step of the way.
How large of a space do I need? None! TruBlue is a home-based business that does not require a brick and mortar space nor the hefty initial and on-going expenses that come with it. We believe in running a “lean and mean” business to keep overhead low and educating you to expand your team as cash flow permits...and yes, in time, securing a small office when it makes practical and good business sense.
How many employees do I need? TruBlue only requires a small staff to get started. We will help you scale your business in a smart fashion, so that you will be able to hire more employees and take on more jobs as you grow your business, customers and cash-flow.
Is it hard to find quality workers to join my team? No, good culture, good companies, and good leaders can always attract good workers. Workers (handymen, technicians, supervisors, etc.) want to join a professional, national brand that has the proven marketing and operating systems to generate repeat customers and work assignments so they can keep busy, well paid, and employed on a year-round basis. TruBlue offers them all of that. Again, we have a proven system for effective staffing for you to follow…and spend lots of time in training class covering that topic.
Why is TruBlue a great fit for veterans? Veterans are uniquely qualified to franchise with TruBlue, as they have a proven ability to follow systems, procedures and processes necessary to make any venture successful. Because our business model is easy to run and easy to scale, TruBlue is a perfect fit for honorably discharged veterans who aspire to turn their dreams of entrepreneurship into reality. Honorably discharged veterans are eligible to receive 10% off their first franchise fee.

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