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Empowering Dreams: From CNA to Entrepreneur - Lake Bancroft's Journey into Franchising with TruBlue

Lake Bancroft, fueled by a long-standing aspiration to own a business, found her perfect fit in TruBlue Home Service Ally, a franchise renowned for its home maintenance and handyman services catering to seniors and busy adults. With over 90 territories nationwide, TruBlue presented Bancroft, a former CNA in the in-home medical and senior care industry, with the ideal opportunity to realize her entrepreneurial dreams.

After nine years as a stay-at-home mom, Bancroft yearned to leverage her passion for enhancing seniors' quality of life at home. Growing up immersed in home remodeling projects and supported by her husband's construction expertise, Bancroft's decision to franchise with TruBlue in Boise, Idaho, was a natural progression. Armed with her business degree and a deep understanding of both handyman services and senior care, Bancroft embarked on her journey as a franchisee with ambitious plans for expansion already in motion.

Reflecting on her journey, Bancroft emphasized the profound impact of franchising on her professional growth. She underscored the invaluable support and established systems provided by TruBlue, streamlining her entry into the franchise world and mitigating potential pitfalls.

When asked about her choice of TruBlue franchise, Bancroft stated, "I looked at the prospect of franchising from two directions — concepts I could be interested in, and concepts that could be built up to be a big company. TruBlue had the right operational aspect, the right financials, and the right systems in place." She expressed her excitement at the prospect of not only serving clients but also creating employment opportunities and fostering a positive company culture.

Looking ahead, Bancroft envisions substantial growth for her business, with plans to expand into additional territories and establish a strong foothold in the Boise, ID market area. Central to her vision is maintaining a stellar reputation within the community and delivering exceptional service to clients.

In sharing her story, Bancroft emphasized her and her husband's unwavering dedication to their industry and community. They are eager to engage in various community initiatives and forge partnerships with local businesses. Despite franchising not being part of their initial plan, Bancroft expressed enthusiasm for joining TruBlue and contributing to its mission of revolutionizing home maintenance and senior care.

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