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Fastest Growing Industry to Start a Business

handyman with a clipboard

The industry for home care and maintenance has grown by 13% since 2016, making home and property maintenance the fastest growing industry to start a business in 2020 by Excellent Webworld. TruBlue Total House Care Franchise is an excellent opportunity to get started in the exponentially growing market. In fact, our new franchise owners have hit the ground running by breaking sales records despite COVID-19 proving this industry is essential.

TruBlue is a unique franchise model that focuses on total house care and maintenance. While many other franchises have rigid guidelines for the services offered, TruBlue gives you the flexibility to choose services your community needs the most. Having the ability to adapt services helps TruBlue stay recession-resistant and ready to change with the market condition.

TruBlue's workers are bonded and insured, so customers trust who is going into their houses. As a franchise owner, you can start with smaller projects and build that trust to lead to more significant projects and even our subscription-based service, House Care Plus.

There is no sign of the home improvement industry slowing down. Request information and see if TruBlue is the right business opportunity for you.

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