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Approaching September, a month devoted to raising awareness about fall prevention, the spotlight turns to a critical subject: making home adjustments for senior citizens. Recently, Rick Matson and Mur Feldman, Owners of TruBlue in Birmingham and Certified Specialists in Senior Home Safety, had the privilege of joining WBRC Fox News to delve into the significance of adapting homes for aging seniors. These modifications play a vital role in allowing seniors to continue residing comfortably and securely in their homes for an extended period.

Empowering Seniors to Age Gracefully at Home

The aspiration to age in one's own home is a universal desire. Just like everyone else, seniors share a profound emotional bond with their homes. It's a space filled with memories, comfort, and familiarity. However, the natural challenges that come with aging can introduce safety concerns over time. Among these concerns, falls stand out as a substantial threat to seniors' well-being. With nearly a quarter of seniors experiencing falls annually, it's a reality that necessitates careful attention.

Safety Assessment: A Gateway to Prevention

Rick and Mur, experts from TruBlue franchise, offered valuable insights during their appearance on WBRC Fox News. They underscored the essence of fall prevention month, highlighting the significance of taking a proactive stance in ensuring senior safety at home. One of their noteworthy services is a complimentary safety assessment. Conducted by their team of professionals, this assessment thoroughly evaluates potential safety hazards within a home. By pinpointing areas of concern, they empower seniors and their families to take necessary measures to mitigate the risks of falls.

Minor Adjustments, Significant Results

Mur eloquently conveyed how even the slightest modifications can yield profound improvements in senior safety. From strategically installing grab bars to eliminating tripping hazards like loose rugs, these straightforward measures can substantially elevate the safety of seniors as they navigate their living spaces.

An aspect Mur passionately discussed was TruBlue's innovative solution for modifying bathtubs. Instead of resorting to the costly option of completely replacing a bathtub with a walk-in shower, TruBlue presents an economically viable alternative: the Clean Cut Bath insert. This ingenious solution converts a standard bathtub into a walk-in tub, granting seniors ease of access and safety without incurring exorbitant expenses.

TruBlue: Your Partner in Enhancing Senior Homes

TruBlue's unwavering commitment to ensuring seniors can age comfortably at home shines brightly. Their mission revolves around offering pragmatic solutions that genuinely impact the lives of seniors and their families. From conducting thorough safety assessments to implementing minor adjustments that amplify safety, TruBlue's approach is all-encompassing and compassionate.

Experience the TruBlue Advantage

To delve deeper into TruBlue's range of services, encompassing home safety assessments and specialized home modifications, explore and navigate to the Aging In Place section ( Their teams of proficient professionals are dedicated to assisting seniors in upholding their independence while upholding their homes' security and inviting ambiance. Explore the possibilities and locate a TruBlue Home Service Ally in your vicinity.

As we collectively acknowledge the paramount importance of senior safety, let's wholeheartedly embrace the transformative potential of considerate home modifications in enriching the lives of our cherished elders.