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Brian Winton family business- TruBlue of Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA TIMES: Home repair and maintenance franchise builds family business for Dad and 3 daughters

Brian Winton, a dedicated Air Force veteran with a background in handyman work, stumbled upon his true passion for home maintenance and repairs unexpectedly. When his mother faced the challenge of needing home modifications following a hip injury, Brian recognized the glaring need for trustworthy and comprehensive home care services. This eye-opening experience paved the way for his journey with TruBlue, a remarkable "one-call" solution catering to a wide array of home management requirements.

Eager to embrace entrepreneurship, Winton took a significant step by acquiring a TruBlue franchise in Chattanooga in 2018. Since then, this decision has proven to be transformative, not just for Brian himself but for his entire family. Leveraging his profound expertise, he has successfully nurtured the franchise into a flourishing family-run enterprise, an endeavor made even more special by the involvement of his three daughters. Their collective aspiration is to position TruBlue as the ultimate answer to all home improvement and maintenance needs, all while fostering stronger familial bonds.

Brian Winton's vision extends far beyond the present moment. With unwavering determination, he envisions expanding the business into a legacy that his daughters can eventually take the reins of. This aspiration underlines Brian's commitment to running a successful venture and establishing a lasting heritage that resonates for generations to come.

Explore the captivating narrative of this enterprising family as they embark on a journey of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of turning houses into homes.

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