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TruBlue of Yorktown Weighs in on Entrepreneurship

Tim & Kay Diemont, are owners of TruBlue Total House Care of Yorktown in the Norfolk, Virginia area. They launched their TruBlue franchise in 2013 and have had zero regrets owning their own franchise; minus wishing they bought a TruBlue franchise years ago!

Tim & Kay Diemont TruBlue owners“It’s scary to take the step of becoming an entrepreneur. This is especially the case when you have company-provided healthcare and that feeling of security working at the same job for years…until corporate America keeps asking you to move and travel for work. That’s what happened to me after working in retail for 30 years. The more my job demanded I travel for work, the less interested I was in staying on with them,” Tim reflects.

“As corporate America gets tighter and tighter with money, they start to ask more and more from each of us. I was feeling overworked and burned out. They then asked me to move to where the work is and I wasn’t interested. I wanted to stay where I was at. We liked where we lived. We liked our community and wanted to be part of that.

Community Vs. Corporate America

We also wanted to give back to our community. At the time I started looking, there were no jobs in Yorktown that would help us maintain our standard of living. We started looking at franchises that were service oriented, but that would also help the veterans and senior citizens in our area. TruBlue made sense to us because we could help seniors in our community, military, retired military and busy families. Pretty much everybody in every community is a potential customer of TruBlue. They all want and need TruBlue services,” shares Tim.

In addition to being entrepreneurs, Tim & Kay give back to their community by volunteering a free TruBlue service once a month to nominate a senior, military veteran, or anybody in the community in need of lawn care, handyman or housecleaning services. This is their way of thanking the community they are part of.

Sometimes the person receiving the free service enjoys working with the TruBlue team so much, they becoming long-term customers. “We weren’t asked to do it, we just enjoy doing it,” says Tim, “It’s rewarding and satisfying for us. We can decide to do that because we own our own business. We couldn’t do something like that of our own initiative if we were working for a corporation.”

“If you are working within a corporation – something will eventually happen – a buy-out, a merger, etc…you don’t have control. With a TruBlue we are in charge of our own destiny,” states Tim.

For more information on becoming your own boss, please reach out to one of our helpful Franchise Directors today.