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Senior Care Companies Expanding Their Businesses by Adding TruBlue Franchises

In the dynamic fields of senior care and home services, the introduction of TruBlue Home Service Ally franchises is revolutionizing the approach for existing senior in-home care franchises. TruBlue’s innovative model, which emphasizes home maintenance and senior safety modifications, complements the personal care services offered by brands such as Comfort Keepers. This strategic alliance, established in 2022 with TruBlue becoming a preferred partner for Comfort Keepers, has resulted in a holistic solution for aging adults, enhancing service delivery and expanding market opportunities for franchisees.

“TruBlue was really designed to work collaboratively with the senior care industry,” said TruBlue President Sean Fitzgerald. “One of the main challenges seniors have with aging-in-place is safely maintaining the home environment. So providing services like home safety assessments, senior home modification, and routine maintenance can add tremendous value to their existing senior care business.” 

A Comprehensive Approach for Seniors

Vince Maffeo, an experienced Comfort Keepers franchisee, embodies this strategic evolution. With 15 years of experience and ten Comfort Keepers franchise locations, Maffeo has seen the increasing need for integrated care and home services. Inspired by the TruBlue-Comfort Keepers alliance, he launched a TruBlue franchise in Modesto, transforming his business into a one-stop shop for seniors.

“The more I learned about what TruBlue did, the more I realized I wanted to become a franchisee myself,” Maffeo said. “I recognized the value of the Comfort Keepers part of the business in keeping clients safe in their homes, and then adding on that TruBlue part — making it a safe environment for clients and caregivers, so they didn’t have to worry. The idea is that once we handle the Comfort Keepers side, we can do an in-home assessment and simultaneously send that lead to the TruBlue side for a safety assessment.”

After six months, Maffeo expanded his reach by purchasing two additional TruBlue territories, enhancing his franchise portfolio.

"The experience has been positive and we have received great responses from our referral sources, such as skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and assisted living facilities that refer clients to us,” said Maffeo. “They see the benefit in discharging patients to a safe environment that includes both a caregiver and home safety measures. Essentially, owning a TruBlue franchise has allowed me to create greater value for my Comfort Keepers franchise because referral sources know we are a one-stop-shop for patients.” 

Enhancing Services Through Integration

In San Diego, Rob and Sheri Harvey have similarly expanded their service portfolio by integrating TruBlue’s offerings with their nine Comfort Keepers franchise locations. This decision stemmed from a personal experience of helping a senior client access her garden independently via a ramp they built, long before they were aware of TruBlue’s service model.

“When we discovered TruBlue, it reminded us of this story and we knew it would be our calling,” Sheri said. “With Comfort Keepers, safety has always been our biggest hurdle and our biggest accomplishment. Workers comp was one of the hardest things to overcome and keeping caregivers safe has always been at the front of our minds. When the TruBlue opportunity came to light, we realized we could include safety into everything we were doing, but at a much deeper level. We could actually make the repairs, handling it for our patients more rapidly. We recognized the need.”

Since starting with TruBlue earlier this year, the Harveys are eager to expand further across the San Diego area.

“We’re able to better serve our existing clients as our teams integrate,” Rob said. “We've also been able to bring our expertise over to TruBlue and they have been very welcoming and collaborative. This partnership really just makes sense.”

Leveraging Existing Expertise

For Jennifer and Tim Bauernfeind, the decision to add a TruBlue franchise to their portfolio was driven by a blend of professional insight and personal initiative. As existing Comfort Keepers franchisees in Minnesota, they saw the natural synergy between the services needed by their clients and the solutions offered by TruBlue, particularly in making homes safer for seniors.

"I’ve been a Comfort Keepers franchisee for seven years and own four locations, but I am continuously seeking ways to enhance our service offerings for our clients, whether in safety and security, tech products, etc.,” Jennifer said. “The aging demographics are shifting dramatically, and it was clear that the needs of seniors in terms of products and services were changing too. After hearing about TruBlue from a fellow Comfort Keepers franchisee, it seemed like the perfect blend of our skills.”

Since starting their TruBlue business in 2023, the Bauernfiends have successfully built upon their existing client foundation.

"Our Comfort Keepers care coordinators and nurses, when visiting homes, often identify obstacles that prevent seniors from aging in place — like a difficult-to-navigate shower, missing grab bars or the absence of handrails at exits,” Jennifer said. “These issues are then referred to TruBlue, and we present practical and affordable solutions to the client and their family. There’s great synergy between the two services, and we’re finding more ways to integrate as we grow."

Strategic Expansion and Future Outlook

Overall, for franchisees like Maffeo, the Harveys, and the Bauernfeinds, the TruBlue model offers scalability in a market where the demand for comprehensive senior services is rapidly increasing. With low start-up costs, non-medical, and recurring revenue streams, the TruBlue concept is proving to be an invaluable opportunity for senior care providers.

“Our target audiences and referral sources remain consistent, including doctor offices, discharge nurses, and hospitals,” Fitzgerald said. “Our operations are compatible with other senior care operators, whether they are in-home health, medical care, transportation or anything else, allowing us to integrate seamlessly with existing operation teams. This synergy enables us to leverage their sales and marketing efforts, making the addition of TruBlue to their services a natural fit. We anticipate this trend will continue, especially as the industry shifts towards more aging-in-place support into 2024 and beyond.”