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Comfort Keepers Franchise Owners Expand Offerings by Adding TruBlue

Tim and Jennifer Bauernfeind are excited to introduce their new TruBlue Home Service Ally franchise to the Minneapolis metro areas of Maple Grove. Jennifer, an experienced franchise owner with the senior care franchise Comfort Keepers, recognized the synergy between her existing business and TruBlue’s focus on home maintenance and modifications for seniors. Supported by her husband Tim, who brings his expertise in data forecasting to the venture, the couple is excited to expand their service offerings, allowing seniors to age safely and comfortably at home.

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Jennifer's journey into franchising began in retail, evolving into roles at Target’s corporate headquarters and relationships with major retailers like Home Depot and Walgreens. Her passion for working with seniors and the demographic trends of an aging population steered her toward the senior care industry. After six successful years with Comfort Keepers, the introduction of TruBlue offered a chance to broaden her impact on senior care.

The Bauernfeinds’ strategy integrates the strengths of both brands, enhancing their ability to serve clients, families, and referral sources comprehensively. Tim's analytical skills complement Jennifer's experience in senior care and franchising, forming a solid foundation for their new business endeavor. They are enthusiastic about providing specialized services to help seniors maintain independence in their homes.

Personal Journey to Franchising

Tim shares his transition from the corporate world to franchising: "I’ve been in the background of the retail industry, doing data forecasts and digging into the numbers. Recently, I was laid off from my most recent position and was looking for something new. Jennifer is currently a franchise owner with Comfort Keepers, and she became aware of the TruBlue brand through their recent strategic partnership. We felt that TruBlue could be a great addition to her current franchise because it aims to help seniors age in place. We thought the two brands together would be a great fit for both of us."

Jennifer adds her perspective: "I grew up in retail, like Tim did, but more on the merchandise and sales side. I worked for Target corporate headquarters and was a supplier for Target, Home Depot, Walgreens, etc. I liked it, but I wanted my role to be more about people and relationships."

Perceptions and Insights on Franchising

Discussing their views on franchising, Tim notes, "For the past few years, I had the itch to do something different, but I never figured out what it would be. I don’t have a handyman background, but I can do anything when I set my mind to it. I know how I like things to be done, and I expect high-quality work. All of the support and blueprints that franchises provide were really attractive. Since Jennifer had already gone through the process, she was well aware of the advantages. It can be a real struggle if you try to do it on your own."

Jennifer’s motivation was deeply personal: "I always loved working with seniors — I grew up with grandparents, step-grandparents, and elderly neighbors and friends that felt like family. When thinking about new opportunities, I became very interested in doing something involving senior care. In my sales roles, I had seen all the statistics about the aging population in the U.S. In the next couple of years, we are going to have more people over 65 than under 18. So, we started researching different companies and looked at several home care companies, but Comfort Keepers totally stood out with their mission and values."

Future Goals

Looking forward, Tim aims "The overall mission is to become one of the best handyman providers in the Minneapolis metro area, for both seniors and busy adults."

Jennifer focuses on a comprehensive senior care solution: "We want to take care of our seniors with a holistic approach. With TruBlue and Comfort Keepers together, we will be able to cover a lot more bases for them. As far as expansion, we are going to really focus our efforts on doing the very best we can here first. There are a lot of seniors who live in this territory."


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