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Wendy Linker TruBlue Franchise Owner Monroe, NC

Wendy Linker Launches TruBlue to Aid Seniors in Monroe, NC

Wendy Linker, a seasoned finance professional with a background in personal, church, and construction finance, is the latest entrepreneur to join the TruBlue Home Service Ally franchise. Based in Monroe, North Carolina, Wendy’s journey into franchising stemmed from a personal need—finding reliable and affordable help for her disabled father. This challenge, coupled with her lifelong passion for assisting seniors, including her own parents, led her to TruBlue, a franchise that aligns with her desire to support busy adults and seniors in maintaining their homes.

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Personal Path to Franchising

Wendy shares her backstory, "My background is in finance, personal finance, church finance and construction finance. Although I had a long history in finance, what ended up leading me to TruBlue was my experience with my dad. My passion has always been helping senior adults, and my parents are in that age group. My dad is disabled, and he requires a lot of help on the weekends. Our time is limited. We have small children, and both my husband and I work full-time. It is always a lot of work to come in and help him, and hiring someone else was very expensive. My parents just needed a pressure wash on the house, and the cost was astronomical. That got me thinking that there has to be a better way. So I started doing some research. That is when I found TruBlue."

Insights into Franchising

Wendy discusses her initial views on franchising and her experience thus far, "My husband and I always wanted to own our own business. I didn’t know how franchising really worked. But when I reached out to TruBlue, I was blown away by how helpful they were throughout the process. They latched on and have been true partners with us the whole way. They help you embrace a dream. It's not just about money."

Choosing TruBlue

When asked why she chose TruBlue, Wendy explains, "I knew TruBlue was the answer we were looking for. It could help my parents and others like them solve the problems that they were facing at their home, whether it was minor tasks or maintenance around the house. I knew the TruBlue franchise would be a great way to help others."

Goals and Community Impact

Wendy is determined to make a significant impact in her community, "My biggest mission is to reach people like my parents, people in our church groups, people in the local community — anyone who is in the same boat as us. The people who just need a helping hand. There is a lot of unmet needs. Once your eyes are open to that need, it feels like it is everywhere. Everybody is affected by aging parents at some point. The question is: How are you going to handle it when it comes to your door? That is where my heart is — hoping we can help people in the community that want to age in place."

A Lifetime of Passion for Helping Seniors

Wendy reflects on her longstanding connection to senior care, "When I was in middle and high school, I volunteered at a senior-assisted living center and interviewed all of the residents there to learn their life stories. Those memories are some of my most treasured. I fell in love with helping seniors. You learn so much from people in that age group. I find a lot of energy and joy from being around seniors."

Wendy Linker's story exemplifies how personal experiences and professional skills can converge to create a business that not only meets a market need but also fulfills a personal passion. Her TruBlue franchise in Monroe is poised to provide much-needed services and support, ensuring seniors can live comfortably and safely in their own homes.


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