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Quinn Malone Is Using Passion & Home Flipping Experience To Start His Franchise

TruBlue Home Service Ally, the franchise specializing in home maintenance and handyman services focusing on senior home modifications, is expanding its presence in Ohio, with 27-year-old Quinn Malone preparing to open his franchise on March 20.

A resident of Willoughby, Ohio, Malone has a strong background in business and a passion for helping others. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Sports Business and obtaining a master's in Sports Administration, he worked as the Assistant Director of Admissions at Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School and later in sales for the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, Malone felt the need to combine his financial acumen with his desire to make a positive impact.

The turning point came when Malone's grandfather faced health challenges, prompting the need to make his home more senior-friendly. Reflecting on this experience, Malone shared, “My grandfather's health started failing, and he wanted to do everything he could to stay in the house he built. We had to go into his house and make it senior-proof for him. I started wondering how many other people were going through that as well.”

After researching potential opportunities, Malone discovered that TruBlue aligned perfectly with his mission.

Unique Franchise Model

Entering the World of Franchising Although Malone had limited knowledge of franchising before diving into this venture, he expressed concerns about the support he would receive during training. However, as he progressed through training and engaged with individuals already associated with the brand, Malone found his worries alleviated.

“My age is both an advantage and a disadvantage in this industry,” Malone explained. “People can look at me and think I’m too young to have the experience I need. At the same time, they can look at me and think I’m ahead of the game and know how important this can be as people start aging and need help with modifying their homes or adults become busier and prefer to spend time doing things they love most, rather than take care of their homes to-do list.”

TruBlue ensures that franchisees, regardless of their experience level, receive comprehensive support. Malone discovered the cost-effectiveness and attention to detail that set TruBlue apart, ultimately influencing his decision to invest in the franchise.

Beyond the alignment of values, Malone was thrilled to learn that TruBlue is based in Ohio. He expressed, “They’re Ohio-based, and I’m in Ohio, too. They’re helping people that want or need to be helped, and helping families spend more family time together without having to worry about taking care of their parent's or grandparent's homes.”

Scalable Business Model For Rapid Growth

Anticipated Impact and Growth Plans Malone's overarching goal is to enhance the quality of life for those in his community, enabling them to spend meaningful time with loved ones. His focus extends beyond seniors to busy individuals who may struggle to maintain their homes. Drawing from his personal experience assisting his grandfather, Malone is well-acquainted with the challenges people face when wanting to stay in their homes but finding it challenging to upkeep.

“I want to touch the lives of as many as I can around me by providing an affordable, quality, and dedicated service and be a person that they can trust. Right now, I have two people working with me and am looking for one or two more.”

For aspiring franchisees, Malone emphasizes the importance of passion. “Dive into that because with purpose, dedication, drive, and ambition, it’s doable. No matter where you are, just take the leap.”