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Brian Espinoza Trades In Corporate Grind To Own His Own Business

Nestled in the heart of North Idaho, Brian Espinoza, a seasoned hotelier with over two decades of experience in the hospitality industry, has embraced a new role as a TruBlue Home Service Ally franchisee. His journey from overseeing multi-million-dollar hotel portfolios to ensuring homes are safer and more comfortable offers a unique perspective on TruBlue’s home maintenance and handyman franchise experience.

Finding a New Passion Through Launching A Franchise

Reflecting on his transition, Espinoza shared, "The pandemic revealed to me a need for seniors to age at home longer. TruBlue became the avenue to be part of making the home safer in addition to helping bridge the gap of the need for better service and professionalism in the trades industry."

Establishing his TruBlue of North Idaho franchise in 2021, Espinoza experiences a diverse range of tasks daily. "Our daily operations can vary from doing small handyman jobs like installing grab bars or completing a ‘honey-do list,’ to attaching ceiling fans and fixing kitchen faucets, all the way to remodeling a shower or building a deck or fence," he said. "We have an internal team of tradesmen skilled in many different things that enables us to bring convenience to our clients with multiple projects."

The Life of a TruBlue Franchise Owner

Espinoza described his role as a franchisee: "I am not doing the physical work of a handyman or contractor, but I am making sure to be available anytime my team of tradesmen and administration need support. My primary focus is doing what I do best: staying connected to our employees, making sure they have what they need to succeed, monitoring the happiness levels of our clients, and selling the services TruBlue of North Idaho has to offer."

Highlighting the work-life balance, Espinoza drew a comparison with his previous career in the hotel industry. "I sometimes have early mornings or late nights, but I consider these times an investment in the health of my business. With TruBlue, the model is not a 24/7 business like hotels, so my work-life balance in comparison to that is more than I can ask."

In terms of support, Espinoza emphasized the network provided by TruBlue headquarters and fellow franchise owners. "TruBlue headquarters has many tools available to the owners, and the support teams are quick to help with any questions or challenges I may have. I have a lot of comfort knowing the TruBlue executive team is by my side. If one TruBlue franchise is close to another, owners will collaborate on ideas, sales, and at times share their employees."

More Opportunities Ahead

Looking ahead, Espinoza expressed optimism for growth, saying, "TruBlue has a 10-step program that they offer to help new owners hit the ground running, and it helps the more established owners to stay on track to reach the vision of scaling the business. Future plans for my specific location are rolling out preventative maintenance programs for our clients’ homes. I am also looking forward to opening another location."

TruBlue President Sean Fitzgerald commended Espinoza, stating, "Brian’s approach to daily operations and his focus on team support and client satisfaction are standout qualities that we cherish in our franchise network. His ability to balance the hands-on aspects of the business while strategically planning for future growth is commendable. Brian's story is a shining example for current and future franchisees, showing that with the right attitude and dedication, success is not just a goal but a reality in the TruBlue family."