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TruBlue Comes to Suffolk

TruBlue Comes to Suffolk

Neil Burnette Throughout Neil Burnette’s career, helping teams provide customers and clients with top-notch customer service has always been a priority. Now Burnette is excited to have an opportunity to bring that same focus to his own clients as the local franchise owner and operator of TruBlue Total House Care of Suffolk. 

Burnette’s career before TruBlue was in retail leadership, first in sporting goods and then with a leading home goods company. Promotions and new assignments sent him to California, Arizona, Louisiana and Texas before he settled in Virginia to oversee a company’s stores throughout Virginia. Although he enjoyed the work he was doing, he realized he was ready for a new challenge in a new industry when he bumped into another TruBlue owner, Tim Diemont.

“With the changes in the ways people are buying home goods, I was starting to think about a change myself when I bumped into Tim. He used to work for me – and we hadn’t seen in each other in about seven years – and his enthusiasm for what he was doing as a TruBlue franchisee was amazing. He was very happy about the company, the concept and the focus on service and, after talking to him, I realized how big of a difference TruBlue could make for people in my community,” Burnette said. “TruBlue is unique because we have such a wide variety of services and because of our focus on providing a kind of high-quality customer service that people aren’t used to getting in this industry.”

TruBlue of Suffolk is licensed, bonded and insured. To learn more about TruBlue of Suffolk, call (757)530-5569, email or visit