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Former Senior Homecare Operator Opens A TruBlue

Former Senior Homecare Operator Opens A TruBlue

Jennifer CorderWhen Jennifer Corder was working in senior home care as the Director of Client Care for a Home Instead franchise location, she saw something that troubled her – many seniors were getting the physical care they needed, but their homes were not safe or being maintained properly. With falls being a major health concern for seniors, the situation inspired Corder to search for a solution and she discovered the TruBlue House Care franchise opportunity.

“Trying to find contractors and then have strangers in your home can be nerve-wracking, especially when you have children and you’re working full time, but taking on the ‘to-do list’ on your own can be never-ending. It’s so hard to find the time to keep up with everything your home needs and spend quality time with your family on the weekends. While our family does many of our maintenance chores together, we’d rather have someone else do them for us so we can get that time back to do something we enjoy. Having a one-call solution with highly-screened and insured employees that we can develop a relationship with to help with all of those chores seems ideal for our family and I’m sure it will be for others,” Corder said.

Since TruBlue is dedicated to providing a higher standard of service, Corder is looking forward to being a trusted, credible resource and partner for families in the Charlotte, NC area. As a woman, a former single mother and now a full-time business owner, she knows personally how stressful it can be to hire contractors and how hard it can be to coordinate schedules.


“I was a nurse for 20 years and I love TruBlue’s focus on serving the senior population. I’m looking forward to helping older adults and their families with our Age Safe® America certified home safety assessments, our ability to do the needed work and our ongoing monthly and quarterly maintenance packages. Nobody else does this,” Corder said. “I saw such a big need for these kinds of services when I was working in the in-home care industry, and if something like TruBlue had existed in the community I served, I would have been referring these services all the time. The house itself is such an important part of successfully aging in place safely and comfortably. By working with TruBlue, loved ones can have the peace of mind knowing that the seniors in their lives are living in safe, well-maintained homes.”